SIARGAO ISLAND DIY TRAVEL GUIDE 2021: Itinerary + How To Get There etc.

Siargao Island DIY Travel Guide – Starting the year right by doing things you’ve always wanted to do is one of the best feelings anyone could ever feel. It’s something fulfilling and optimistic that you’re doing the things you love at the beginning of the year. It’s something rewarding that for the past years of working your ass off, you were able to give ourselves a prize. And it’s something you can be proud of to yourself as these things could be the best times of your life.

And that’s what we did last January, we started the year right by following our traveler’s heart, which leads us to the surfing capital of the country no other than Siargao

See complete details below for our experience, quick tips, Siargao Island DIY travel guide and information in case you’re planning to visit the island.

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A Little History of Siargao Island

Skippy our dog companion in Boardwalk General Luna

Skippy our dog companion in Boardwalk General | Photo Credits: @triziadiana

Situated about 800 kilometers southeastern part of the country’s capital – Manila, northeast of Surigao Del Norte facing the Pacific Ocean. Before Siargao was featured in a local movie and became a popular tourist attraction in the Philippines, the island was way back an under the radar travel destination. When two foreigners in 1980 named Steve Jones and Tony Arruza said to came to the island first in a search for what they called the “perfect wave.”

At that time Siargao had not made a spot in the world map yet, until a photographer named John Callahan took photos and featured the island in a magazine, which spread like a wildfire all over the world. From then, Siargao earned a spot by surfing and adventure enthusiast all over the world.

To get to know more about the island check out here: Siargao – Source by Wikipedia.

How To Get To Siargao

How To Get To Siargao - PAF's Direct Flight From Cebu To Siargao - The Travel Mark

Getting to Siargao Island has become easier these past few years, as more commercial airlines (Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines and SkyJet Airlines) are offering cheap flights and promo deals to Siargao. In our case, we book a direct flight from Cebu to Siargao (Sayak Airport) 6 months before our travel date. Travel time from Cebu to Siargao by plane is about 45 minutes.

Note: Vans and Tricycles are just available outside the airport in case your hotel don’t provide a free shuttle service to get you to their place. Tricycle fare is 150-200 pesos while van fare starts from 300-350 pesos. 

Here are other ways to get to Siargao Island either by air/sea.

* Fly direct to Siargao: via Cebu/Manila

* Fly to Surigao city then take a ferry to Siargao

* Ferry from Surigao City to Siargao

* Fly to Butuan then Bus to Surigao City then Ferry to Siargao

* Ferry from Manila/Cebu to Surigao City then Ferry to Siargao

*Fly to Davao/Cagayan then land trip to Butuan and Surigao

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Where To Stay in Siargao

Outdoor overlooking pool in Villa Maya Siargao

Outdoor overlooking pool in Villa Maya Siargao | More photos in their official FB Page: MayaVillaGolfSiargaoCloud9

For cheap and reasonable price hotels book here via:


From cheap bunk beds, single fan rooms to luxury and high-end resorts. There will surely be good accommodation for you and your group that fits your budget.

Check out Villa Maya in Brgy, Catangnan, General Luna where we had an awesome 4 days and 3 nights stay. Spacious private room, overlooking outdoor pool, absolutely fantastic breakfast (their Bacon FTW!) and their friendly staffs are just a few things you should look forward in staying here. 

Must Try Food/Restaurants in Siargao

Our Complimentary Free Breakfast in Villa Maya Siargao

Our Complimentary Free Breakfast in Villa Maya Siargao – Siargao Island DIY travel guide
Nutrious Power Bowls and Smoothies in Shaka - Siargao Island Travel Guide

Nutritious Power Bowls and Smoothies in Shaka – Siargao Island DIY Travel Guide

From affordable karenderias and local food specialties, healthy food choices and world-class international cuisines, this island in Southern part of the Philippines might be small in size but it is home to the best restaurants and surely you will never run out of dining options here in Siargao.

So here are our picks of best restaurants you and your friends may consider to feast on.

* Kermit Surf Resort

* Buddha’s  Feast Resort

* Villa Maya

* Arka  Hayahay

* Kawayan Siargao

* Harana

* Patrick’s on Beach

* Mama’s Grill

* Shaka

* Aventino’s Pizza, Pasta, and Vino

* Kitya’s Place and Cashey’s Place

* Cafe’ Loca

*  The Pleasure Point Cafe’ and so much more.

Note: Unlike Boracay and other popular island travel destination in the country, there are no popular fast food chains and coffee shops like Jollibee, McDonald’s, KFC or Starbucks in Siargao. But if you’re want to cook and prepare your food, there’s just General Luna Public Market and Sari-Sari or small convenience store on the island you can just hop on.

Things To Do/Attractions To See in Siargao

Siargao Island DIY Travel Guide - Itinerary + How To Get There etc - The Travel Mark

Naked Island Siargao Island } Photo Credits: Drone shots by @aljaydiana
Magpupungko Tidal Pool Pilar Siargao Island

Magpupungko Tidal Pool Pilar Siargao Island | Drone shots by @aljaydiana

Though obviously surfing and its majestic cloud 9 waves are highlights you anticipate before you decide to hit the island, Siargao has more than what regular people imagine on the island as there are a lot of activities and attractions you could do once you step foot on the surfing capital of the Philippines. So here are fun things we suggest you should try/visit in Siargao.

* Magpupungko Tidal Pool  – Entrance Fee 50 Pesos/Per Head

* Taktak Falls

* Tayangban Cave Pool

* Union Beach/  Corregidor Beach / Doot Beach / Alegria Beach

* Santa Monica Pier

* General Luna Cloud 9 Boardwalk – Entrance Fee 50 Pesos/Per Head

* Island Hopping (Guyam Island, Daku Island, Naked Island)

* Bucas Grande Island Tour

* Sugba Lagoon /  Del Carmen Mangroves / Picture perfect Palm trees

* Motorbike / Bicycle / Swimming / Surfing / Cliff jumping / Snorkeling & Diving / Paddle Board / Kayak

* Resort Hopping / Nightlife and Chill Session / Stargazing

* Henna Tattoo / Souvenir shops

* Make friends and hang out with locals / Beach Cleanups / Food trip / Boodle fights

Siargao Island DIY Travel Guide: Other Friendly Tips and Important Information

With Ms. Venus at Villa Maya Brgy Catangnan, General Luna Siargao

With Ms. Venus of Villa Maya Brgy Catangnan, General Luna Siargao

* Local people in Siargao are very hospitable and friendly. So whenever you go motorbiking going to General Luna boardwalk, Magpupungko or anywhere and you’re lost, just politely ask random people and they’ll surely give you directions and other information that you need.

* Do not bring jewelry, other expensive accessories when you go surfing or swimming and always be mindful with your belongings. Better safe than sorry.

* ATM machines and remittance centers are available on the island in case you’re running out of cash.

* Though there’s not much establishment in Siargao, the signal on the island is pretty decent. So you can just upload your #SiargaoTravelGoals photos/videos in your various social media sites.

* To get around Siargao, renting a motorbike for (350/day) is the cheapest way you can explore and tour the whole island. But if you don’t know how to ride a bike/motorbike, tricycles and habal-habal (motorcycle taxis) can help you get around the island.

* Though Siargao is a year-round travel destination, still the best time to visit Siargao are in summer and in the months of September to December(typhoon season) where joyous fiestas and waves are much bigger on the island. Also, the best time to visit Siargao is when the island hosts surfing competition.

SIARGAO ISLAND DIY TRAVEL GUIDE 2019: Our 4 Days 3 Nights Itinerary

Off To Island Life In Siargao, Philippines

Off To Island Life In Siargao, Philippines
Paddle Boarding in Sugba Lagoon

Paddle Boarding in Sugba Lagoon | @iamjonastark
Day 1: Start of Island Life

06:00 AM – Assembly Time
6:00-6:30 AM – Estimated time travel to Mactan International Airport
6:30-8:30 AM – Breakfast, Snacks/Rest, Check-In, Chill, Ready for Departure
8:30-9:20 AM – Arrived at Sayak Airport (Siargao) ,Straight To Hotel (Villa Maya)
9:20-5:00 AM – Change Clothes , Ready for Sugba Lagoon Tour
05:00-6:30 PM – Back to Hotel (/Rest/Swimming Pool/Head to Cloud 9 Surfing Area/Surfing
time for Sunset
6:30-9:00 PM – Dinner (Kermit Restaurant) ,Experience Siargao nightlife (Free Time)
9:00 Onward – Back to Hotel/Chill/Movie/Night Swimming/Sleep

Day 2: Island Hopping

06:00-7:00 AM – Wake up Time/Breakfast/Prepare for Island Hopping
07:00-02:00 PM – Visit various island (Pansukian, Guyam, Naked, Daku Island, etc.) / Lunch
2:00-6:00 PM – Back To Hotel, Rest a bit , Surfing (sunset) Optional/Stanby Sea Shore, Siargao Food Trip
Market/Convenient Store)
8:00 PM Onward – Back to Hotel/Dinner, Swimming, Movie Marathon, Sleep

Day 3: Magpupungko Tidal Pool Tour / Food Trip and Day 4: Back to Reality

Had a great breakfast in Villa Maya Siargao before going back to Cebu

Had a great breakfast in Villa Maya Siargao before going back to Cebu
Day 3: Magpupungko Tidal Pool Tour / Food Trip  

05:00 AM-05:30 AM – Wake up Time, Snacks/Breakfast, Change Clothes
05:30 AM:05:30 PM – Head to Pilar (Magpupungko Tidal Pool) or Bucas Grande Tour,  Lunch, Chill , Head Back To General Luna , Surfing
05:00 PM-6:00 PM – Back to Hotel, Head to Cloud 9 Surfing Area, Explore Island of Siargao/Snacks
6:00 PM Onward – Look restaurant for dinner or buy food at market/convenience store, rest

Day 4: Back to Reality

08:00-11:30 AM – Villa Maya Swimming Pool / Breakfast, Buy Souvenirs, Prepare Things, Hotel Check-out, Off to Siargao Airport, Back To Reality

Note: Due to bad weather some of the activities/plans we’ve set are canceled.  Sad life. 🙁 

Here’s a Video Summary of our Whole Siargao Island Travel Experience: #ResponsibleTourism #LeaveOnlyFootprints

     Note: We cannot guarantee the information written here is correct and accurate all the time. If you want to add information or you spot something that needs correcting, please let us know in the comment section below.

– Last Update: July 25, 2018 –


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